Asiamedic Health Screening

ISCA Elite
Health Screening Package

$893.80 (Inc. GST)

What's Included

Complete Medical Examination

Personal/ Family Medical History

Body & Visceral Fat Analysis & Body Mass Index

Vision Acuity & Colour Vision

Chest X-Ray

12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)

ThinPrep (Female)

Urine Analysis (FEME)

Stool Occult Blood

Medical Report

Medical Review- If Results Abnormal

Blood and Urine Investigations

Choice of 3 out of the following 10 tests

1 Bone Mineral Densitometry

3 Prostate Ultrasound (Male)

5 Breast Ultrasound (Female)

7 Mammogram (Female)

9 Pelvic Ultrasound

2 Urea Breadth Test

4 Liver Ultrasound

6 Ultrasound Hepato-Biliary System (Male)

8 CT Body (lung Nodule/Low Dose Lung) -- Takes up 2 choices

10 CT Calcium Score -- Takes up 2 choices

1 Hepato-Billary System Ultrasound (Male)

2 Bone Mineral Densitometry (Both)

3 Prostate Ultrasound (Male)

4 Breast Ultrasound (Female)

5 Breast Ultrasound (Female)

6 Pelvic Ultrasound (Female)

7 Allergy test for dust (Blood Test)

8 Allergy test for common food (Blood Test)

9 Allergy test for house pets (Blood Test)

10 Mood test (Blood Test)

11 Memory test (Blood Test)

12 Nutritional (Blood Test) (+Add on $50)