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Longevity Package

Longevity Package

Turn back your biological clock. Embrace vitality and longevity.

Take control of your future health – today. We gather specific, targeted insights about your body to provide you an excellent roadmap of your health, and work with you to create a personalised journey towards longevity.

Why choose longevity at AsiaMedic?

Live better, not just longer.  By identifying important key predictors of long-term health, you can take proactive steps –with expert guidance—to maintain a good quality of life. Our longevity package aims to maximise your healthspan—the number of years you live in good health and vitality—by providing key insights through an all-in-one suite of blood markers and advanced diagnostic tests, including MRI and CT scans. It not only provides a comprehensive assessment of your current health, but also analyses factors affecting your longevity, so you can begin making positive changes today.

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What We Offer

Personalised Health Plan

Get tailored lifestyle advice and recommendations, including a dietary plan by a nutritionist to elevate your long-term wellbeing.

Comprehensive Screening
Screen for the 5 most common cancers in Asia, which covers all the major body parts (lung, liver, colorectal, stomach, breast), as well as a wide range of other conditions.
Advance Diagnostic Tests
Screen with cutting-edge technology, including MRI and CT scans

Package Details

Blood and Urine Investigation

Special Diagnostic Tests

Advanced Lab Tests

Take the first step to longevity today!

  • Secure years of health and vitality through our comprehensive package
  • Gain access to advanced testing and diagnostics including MRI and CT (low-dose) scans
  • Receive personalised health strategies tailored for you by our experts (e.g. nutrition, lifestyle habits)

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