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Launched in 1997, AsiaMedic is the leading healthcare provider in Singapore. Patients come to AsiaMedic for One-Stop Health Screening and Advanced Medical Imaging services such as PET/CT Scans. Other entities include Boutique Aesthetic and International Family Clinic.

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AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre is a One-Stop Health Screening Centre that offers a comprehensive range of health screening plans that can be customized to identify the different risk factors of different age groups. Located at Orchard Road, patients can enjoy the cosy and comfortable environment of the centre.

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AsiaMedic Imaging Centre

AsiaMedic Imaging Centre provides a comprehensive range of general imaging as well as sub-specialized field of radiology imaging in Cardiac, Neuroradiology, ENT and Musculoskeletal all in a convenient, professional outpatient and service-oriented environment.

Complete Healthcare International (CHI)

Complete Healthcare International (CHI) is an International Medical Clinic located at Orchard Road. We offer a full range of family medical care, vaccination, travel advice, and personalised health screening that focus on Nutrition and Mineral.

CHI has been formed with the aim to provide a high standard of healthcare in Singapore to our International and local family with highly personalised healthcare services in Singapore.


At Astique, we provide a comprehensive range of FDA-approved medical aesthetic treatments such as our Signature Medi Facial, PROFHILO, Eye Rejuvenation, Botulinum and many more. Our treatments have minimal to no downtime and are generally suitable for all ages and genders. Since our inception, we have helped more than 20,000 patients (both local patients as well as overseas medical tourists) achieve their desired results.

We are here to empower and fulfil your potential. Make an appointment with our medical doctors today!