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Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography
(PET / CT Scan)

PET/CT imaging allows:

  • Cancer Diagnosis and Staging
  • Differentiation between malignant and benign growths
  • Monitoring of treatment response
  • Detection of cancer recurrence
  • Differentiation between cancer recurrence and post therapy structural change
  • Assessment of brain disorder

While MRI and CT scans provide anatomic imaging of the physical structure of the body, and a PET scan provides a metabolic imaging that detects abnormalities in cell tissues based on cellular metabolism, an integrated PET/CT scan produces a combined image of the organs metabolism AND structure, allowing us to better understand the changes in the body.

Further benefits of PET/CT consist of:

  • High clinical sensitivity for improved lesion detectability
  • Enhanced HD resolution without compromise
  • Greater peace of mind for patients and their families, knowing that this technology provides comprehensive information
  • Diagnostic confidence for those suspected to have cancer, and those who are undergoing cancer treatments


Prior to the scan :

1. No strenuous exercise for 48 hours.

On the day of the scan :

1. DO NOT eat or drink, (except plain water) 6 hours before the scan. (Fasting)

2. You may continue with your regular medications, except diabetic medicine.

3. If you have DIABETES, additional preparatory instructions are required. We will need to manage your blood sugar level properly. Please expect your stay at AsiaMedic to be longer than other PET patients. If your blood sugar level is too high, the scan may be postponed till it is better controlled. Please bring along your diabetic medication.

4. Please plan to arrive at the centre 30 minutes before your appointment time.

5. Remember to bring along any previous X-rays, CT, MRI or scans (including any CD) that you have taken.

Important Note:
Please inform us if you have/are:

  • Claustrophobic. (fear of enclosed space)
  • Pregnant or lactating.
  • On IV drip (Intravenous drip of glucose or dextrose).
  • All of which should be stopped 6 hours prior to scanning.
  • A medical problem that prevents you from lying still for up to 45 minutes.

THE PET/CT Scan Procedure:

Upon arrival
    • Preparation phase: You will be asked to change into the patient gown. A locker will be provided to keep your personal belongings. Your weight and blood sugar level will be checked.
    • Uptake phase: You will be injected with the radiotracer and asked to lie quietly for about 1 to 1.5 hours. There are no side effects from this radiotracer. After this you will be transferred to the scan room.
    • Scanning phase: Scanning will take between 30 to 45 mins. The time may vary depending on the area of interest being scanned. It is important that you allocate plenty of time (approximately 3 hours) to be at the Centre.

    • After the Scan: PET scan is a painless and safe procedure with no side effects. You can resume a normal diet and drink plenty of water to flush out the radiotracer from your body. Do not get close to children or pregnant women for at least 6 hours after the scan.


PET can effectively pinpoint the source of many of the most common cancers and give physicians important early information about heart and neurological diseases, eliminating the need for redundant tests and diagnostic surgical procedures.

Patients typically do not experience any reactions as a result of the PET/CT scan because the tracer material is processed by the body naturally. Therefore, no side effects are expected.


I am utterly grateful for AsiaMedic for being being able to slot a next day PET scan appointment as I am very worried for my mum. – Stella