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Computerised Tomography
(CT Scan)

This CT scan in Singapore diagnostic procedure combines the use of computers and X-rays as it passes through the body at different angles to produce clear crisp images of sections of tissues being examined. CT scanning (or whole body scanning) provides much clearer and detailed images as compared to X-rays.

CT scans have major advantages in the diagnosis and treatment of tumours, abscesses and haemorrhages of the brain, as well as strokes and head injuries.

Besides being primarily used for studies of the brain, CT scan is also invaluable in investigating diseases of the trunk, particularly in locating a tumour to assist  in the process of a needle biopsy.

With our advanced CT scanners, we are able to achieve faster throughput with enhanced picture quality; thereby improving patient diagnosis and care.


Prior to the scan :

1. No strenuous exercise for 48 hours

On the day of the scan :

1. DO NOT eat or drink, (except plain water) 6 hours before the scan. (Fasting)

2. You may continue with your regular medications, except diabetic medicine.

3. If you have DIABETES, additional preparatory instructions are required. We will need to manage your blood sugar level properly. Please expect your stay at AsiaMedic to be longer than other PET patients. If your blood sugar level is too high, the scan may be postponed till it is better controlled. Please bring along your diabetic medication.

4. Please plan to arrive at the centre 30 minutes before your appointment time.

5. Remember to bring along any previous X-rays, CT, MRI or scans (including any CD) that you have taken.

Important Note:
Please inform us if you have/are:

  • Claustrophobic. (fear of enclosed space)
  • Pregnant or lactating.
  • On IV drip (Intravenous drip of glucose or dextrose).
  • All of which should be stopped 6 hours prior to scanning.
  • A medical problem that prevents you from lying still for up to 45 minutes.

THE PET/CT Scan Procedure:

Upon arrival
  • Preparation phase: You will be asked to change into the patient gown. A locker will be provided to keep your personal belongings. Your weight and blood sugar level will be checked.

  • Uptake phase: You will be injected with the radiotracer and asked to lie quietly for about 1 to 1.5 hours. There are no side effects from this radiotracer. After this you will be transferred to the scan room.

  • Scanning phase: Scanning will take between 30 to 45 mins. The time may vary depending on the area of interest being scanned. It is important that you allocate plenty of time (approximately 3 hours) to be at the Centre.


It makes use of x-ray and a computer to give three dimensional images. It allows the radiologist to view cross sections of the body at different angles as compared to general x-ray pictures which are one-dimensional only.

It is a “dye” which enhances the ability of CT scans to pick up abnormalities. Majority of patients need contrast injection and it is routinely performed.

6 hours of fasting is only needed for certain scans and you will be advised accordingly. Relevant old films are needed for comparison, so it is important to bring them along for the scan. Please also inform the nurse or radiographer if you are likely to be pregnant or on medication for conditions like asthma, diabetes, cardiac or kidney diseases etc.


During my annual check-up, I am able to see that some blockage after the CT scan. I am now more aware of my health & have started exercising regularly after I get my results. – Dinesh